A Conversation with Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Director Faith Brautigam

Faith 2015

I recently visited the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library and met with Library Director Faith Brautigam.  Innovative, progressive and enthusiastic are words I would use to describe Faith.  I was struck by how much passion she projects as she leads the Kokomo Howard County Public Library into the future with innovative programs and keeping up with ever changing technologies.

Faith Brautigam, Director of the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

PN: Are you from the area?  If not, where are you from originally?

FB: I grew up in a rural part of New York State but have worked in several states. My longest state of residence was Illinois; I lived in the Chicago suburbs for over 20 years.

PN: What inspired you to work in libraries?

FB: I didn’t have access to a public library growing up. I am still in love with the very concept of pooling our funds and, as a result, having so many resources available for everyone to share. I was also drawn by the fact that almost everyone who comes to a public library wants to be there.

PN: What is your favorite thing about working for your library?

FB: We come from a position of strength: great staff, a supportive board, and a community that truly values the library. Together, they provide the necessary freedom and tools to innovate.

PN: What is your favorite book?

FB: No true librarian has just one favorite, but I do dearly love “Murder Must Advertise” by Dorothy Sayers.

PN: If you could have dinner with any three famous people in recorded history, who would they be and why?

FB: I would love to meet Ida B Wells, a courageous and forward-thinking role model; C.S. Lewis, whose writing has played a pivotal role in my spiritual life; and Jane Austen who conveys the most biting sarcasm in such polite terms.

PN: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

FB: You might find me tracking down bargains, walking my dog, or puttering in the kitchen. Of course, I also could be curled up with a good book.

This blog post by Paula Newcom, Professional Development Librarian. For more information, contact the Professional Development Office at (317) 232-3697 or email statewideservices@library.in.gov.