Welcome to the Indiana State Library’s blog. This blog is intended to serve as an online service for the people of Indiana and beyond. Posts will cover a wide range of topics from in-depth articles on items in our collection to services that the Indiana State Library provides to patrons.

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The Indiana State Library was established in 1825 to provide library services to Indiana’s state governmental officials and employees. Since that time, the responsibilities of the State Library have expanded to provide services to all citizens of Indiana. Just as the Library of Congress serves as the historical repository for our nation, the State Library is responsible for collecting and preserving all types of information and data about the state of Indiana.

Everyone is welcome to visit the State Library. Our professional staff is available to assist with research questions, offer expertise on a variety of subject matters, including genealogy, and provide general guidance and information about materials in the Library’s collections.

The Indiana State Library Foundation acknowledges the great importance of gifts and donations to the State Library’s operations and to its future development. The Foundation gratefully accepts gifts and contributions for the development of State Library collections, programs, and services. Modest gifts are much appreciated, as are bequests, endowments, and larger contributions.