2016 PopCon: Where libraries and geek culture collide

Did you know that some local libraries organize and host D&D campaigns? Did you know that many libraries enable you to download digital versions of the latest graphic novels for free?  Did you know that there are libraries that even loan sewing machines at no cost so that you can make your own amazing cosplay outfit?

If all this is news to you and you are planning on visiting the 2016 Indy PopCon, be sure and visit the Indiana State Library’s booth in the exhibit hall! We will have librarians from various Central Indiana libraries on hand to demonstrate the many ways public libraries support and nurture ‘geek’ culture.  Programming will be given on various topics such as tabletop gaming, videogames, comics and graphic novels and makerspaces.  There will also be opportunities to participate in various craft projects.

Come see what your local library has to offer!

Indy PopCon is June 17-19 and will be held at the Indiana Convention Center. Tickets and more info are available at https://indypopcon.com/.

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