This Week in Indiana History: Unigov

January 1, 1970

On this week in Indiana history, Unigov went into effect. It consolidated the city of Indianapolis with Marion County, and dramatically increased the size of the city. This let the city keep up with recent population growth and trends.

Due to Unigov, Indianapolis became the 12th most populated city in Amer-ica overnight. However, it wasn’t without opposition. The re-organization and the expansion of the city into the outer suburbs would dramatically in-crease the voting population, and change the political environment of the city.

Unigov graphic

This information packet included important information about Unigov for Indianapolis citizens. You can read it, and many more items like it, at the Indiana State Library.

Want to learn more? Visit the Indiana State Library to view these items!

Unigov: What it is; what it isn’t / ISLO 352 No. 120
Unigov: Local Government Reorganization in Indianapolis / ISLI 352 M341 MR
Governing Metropolitan Indianapolis: The Politics of Unigov / ISLI 352 O97G

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