Pets Are Family Too!

The Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library does not collect just published books and materials.  They also have a small but growing collection of genealogy manuscripts.  These collections contain family papers, research notes, and other items that cannot be put out on the shelves due to their fragile state or because they are boxes of loose papers.  However, these items are available to researchers and may be requested at the Genealogy Division reference desk on the first floor of the Indiana State Library.

Some of these collections even contain family photographs, such as this studio portrait of chow chows from the Jackman family collection:

Jackman chows

The advent of photography made it easier for people to visually document every aspect of their lives, including their pets.

In the interest of family history… and cuteness, the staff of the Genealogy Division would like to share a few of their furry family photographs:

1 Jack McFarland Duty
Jack McFarland Duty

2 Dwight Hans Dieter Shrute Ward
Dwight Hans Dieter Schrute Ward

3 Odessa Jane and Mosiah Ward
Odessa Jane and Mosiah Ward

4 Julius Caesar JC Dunn
Julius Cesar “J.C.” Dunn

5 Jasper Dunn
Jasper Dunn

6 Liam Bohr
Liam Bohr, the perfect pet for the apart-ment dweller.

Liam would like to invite all Indiana State Library blog readers to Genealogy for Night Owls, April 29th 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Indiana State Library!

This blog post was written by Jamie Dunn, Genealogy Librarian, Indiana State Library. For more information, contact the Indiana State Library at (317)232-3678 or “Ask-A-Librarian” at