PopCon 2016 Recap

2016_07 popcon recap

The Indiana State Library partnered with several local libraries to provide a library presence at this year’s Indy PopCon. This was the first year that libraries have banded together for this popular convention and the goal was to promote libraries as a potential resource for people who are interested in various facets of ‘geek culture’ which encompasses everything from gaming to comic books and innovative technologies.

Library staff from the Muncie Public Library, Morrisson-Reeves Library (Richmond), Johnson County Public Library, Monroe County Public Library, Hagerstown Jefferson Township Library and the Indianapolis Public Library were on hand to present information on all the fun materials and programs that libraries can offer conference attendees.   People who stopped by the booth were given free Fangirl or Fanboy buttons for showing their library cards and while the bulk of library cards shown represented various libraries from Indiana, there were plenty of out of state library cards, some from as far away as New Mexico.

Overall, library staff were able to discuss library services with hundreds of conference attendees demonstrating that it pays to be creative when looking for venues to provide library outreach!