An Interview with Adams Public Library System Director Kelly Ehinger

Kelly was one of the first directors I visited in my region; the first one to invite me to the Adams Public Library “Staff Day” and the first presentation I gave in my job as the North East Regional Coordinator!  I loved visiting Adams Public Library System and seeing their innovative technology – the whole staff was building mini computers the day I presented (Kano kits), and they had a huge portable white board I used for giving my presentation on INSPIRE. I also absolutely loved their Storybook Corner – an awesome outdoor space to hold all sorts of library and community events!

PAULA: Are you from the area? If not, where are you from originally?

KELLY: I am a native Hoosier from Anderson originally, but I moved to Maine for a few years as a university librarian before returning to Indiana in 1997 as the Decatur Public Library director. [Decatur prior to the 2008 consolidation]

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