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Wait a minute, we aren’t in an election year yet, are we?

Hmmm… let’s check the date… could it be 2016 already?

How exactly did this happen so fast? The last thing I remember, we were all dancing to Prince and partying like it was 1999. But today, I peek around the corner in my mental dancehall, and the Prince music is still playing, but it is as a memorial to the artist. If you are in the same shoes and don’t know how this happened, and if time has moved a bit too swiftly for you, then have a look at these 1789-2012 Historical Presidential Election Results from NARA as proof that we have indeed reached another election year.

Most of us could talk all day about who we want to win during an election. Many of us so thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of debate and the excitement of the American political process that it doesn’t matter who is running. It matters more that we have someone to root for. Our American Presidents have each held distinct roles in history. Their ideals generate for us emotion, patriotism, and a unique opportunity to take a stand for how we feel the public should be led. But one thing our American Presidents all did the same as anyone else… was eat. Do Presidents not need food while they play a role in the democratic process? For that matter, don’t we need sustenance to endure the three more months of this year’s election process? Doesn’t it make you hungry?

Each of the American Presidents dined on American fare, and this is food that any of us can make ourselves, from grand feasts to fancy desserts to homemade Mac and Cheese. Below you’ll find food fit for the U.S. Presidents. Please enjoy your chance at eating part of history!

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White House Apple Cake

For good eats during a certain U.S. administration, here are some favorite dishes in order of presidency,

Thomas Jefferson’s Recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream, Library of Congress      

Mrs. Elizabeth Truman’s Mac and Cheese

Mrs. Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge’s_Million_Dollar_Fudge.pdf

Mrs. Bush’s Recipes