New Training Opportunities from the Indiana State Library!

Just as Libraries are changing to meet the current needs of its users, the Indiana State Library is also changing to meet the training needs of Libraries throughout the state of Indiana.  Libraries constantly find ways to reinvent itself to stay relevant in a time of constant change and emerging technology and information. The Indiana State Library is no exception! We strive to find ways to support Indiana libraries by providing assistance with information needs and trainings –either in person or by expanding our online offerings. We are now featuring a series of online trainings: ‘Tools, Tips, and Trends’; ‘Ask an Expert’; and ‘Indiana State Library Services.’

The Tools, Tips, and Trends trainings are 35-minute trainings that cover a variety of topics relevant and applicable to librarians and library professionals. Here are a few examples of the kinds of topics you will find in this series:

Library trends- Public Library Trends – 1 LEU:  Date:  4/26/16    Time: 2:00 PM EST What’s new at your library? Come ‘hang out’ with us as we talk about trends in public libraries. Attendees are welcome to submit questions or best practices before the presentation to Kim Brown-Harden at We’ll share and discuss what Indiana libraries are doing!

Meetings-Run a Great Meeting – 1 LEU:   Date:  3/22/16    Time: 2:00 PM Are your meetings an opportunity that lead to better productivity and a more satisfying work experience? Join us for a presentation of the POP – Purpose Outcome Process –plan to focus on specific goals and facilitate the discussion for desirable outcomes. Learn techniques to help move the discussion to a productive outcome.

Technology-Emerging Technology – 1 LEUDate:  9/27/16 Time:  2:00 PM EST Join us for a show and tell discussions about our favorite emerging technologies and how they can be incorporated into library services.

Unless stated otherwise these trainings are eligible for 1 LEU or TLEU. Tools, Tips, and Trends are offered the fourth Tuesday of each month at 2:00p.m. EST.

Our ‘Ask an Expert’ Series contains various topics and interests within the library community.  These one- hour sessions are moderated by an Indiana Library Staff Member featuring an expert in their respective fields on the topic/discussion.  These trainings are offered at various times throughout the year and schedule may change subject to the experts’ availability. For a full list of the upcoming Ask an Expert Series please click here.

The Indiana State Library Services cover issues and interests specific to growing or enhancing the library profession.  Join us once a month for a webinar chock-full of tips for using the resources that the Indiana State Library secures for you and your library.   For more details about any of these trainings, please visit the Indiana State Library website:    Trainings will be added throughout the year so please check back often.    If you are interested in partnering with the State Library for trainings or have suggestions for future trainings, please contact Suzanne Walker, PDO Supervisor, at 317-232-3718 or

Submitted by: Kimberly Brown-Harden, Northwest Regional Coordinator

Indiana State Library

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