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In conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the Indiana Child Support Program, the Indiana Department of Child Services, Child Support Bureau (CSB) is pleased to partner with Indiana Libraries in an effort to reach more Hoosier families. Our celebration will kick off August 30 with the start of our year-long program and a press release announcing that CSB is waiving the $25 application fee for our services through June 30, 2017.

In 1975, Congress approved Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, mandating that each state create and manage a child support program. Indiana passed implementing legislation effective July 1, 1976, making 2016 the 40th anniversary of the Indiana Child Support Program. In Indiana, the Child Support Program is carried out by the Child Support Bureau in partnership with the prosecutor’s and clerk’s offices in each county.

Our goal for the 40th Anniversary Celebration is to get more money to the kids. Our focus is improving custodial and non-custodial parties’ knowledge of child support services available to all Hoosiers. We know the nature of a librarian’s work is such that educating you is a very good first step toward educating the public.  Therefore we will be offering a webinar through ISL this month, on Friday, August 26 at 10:00 AM.

Meet the presenter:


Susan Shambaugh, JD, MLS, has been a Policy Analyst with the Child Support Bureau since 2011. Susan will provide a high-level overview of our services and explain who can benefit from the program. She will elaborate on the goals of our 40th Anniversary Celebration and explain how Indiana libraries can best participate.

Our 40th Anniversary promotional material will be delivered across the state beginning the first week of September to every local library on InfoExpress with the Indiana State Library.  Additionally, we can have speakers made available to participate in your related conferences or local public outreach efforts.

For all inquiries, including requests for a speaker and reorders for 40th Anniversary promotional material, please contact Eric Durnil at the Department of Child Services Child Support Bureau:

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