Digitzed items now accessible through ISL catalog

With digitization efforts going full swing at the State Library and staff scanning and uploading numerous materials to Indiana Memory, enhancements are being made to our local online catalog to increase access and exposure to these valuable items.

When searching the ISL catalog at evergreen.lib.in.us, be on the lookout for a link to any digitized versions under the Electronic resources section of the record.


Clicking on the link will transport you directly to the digital version in Indiana Memory where you can view the material in its entirety.


Providing such access to digital versions of materials is beneficial in many ways.  It allows increased ease of access for the end user who can peruse the material from anywhere outside the building.  It also helps safeguard the physical well being of the object itself by reducing the need to handle the item and potentially cause long term damage to it.

As more and more items are added to Indiana Memory, be on the lookout for more direct links in the online catalog.  For a sample of some of the recent catalog additions, visit the Indiana State Library Trade Catalog Collection.

This blog post was written by Jocelyn Lewis, Catalogue Librarian, Indiana State Library. For more information, contact the Indiana State Library at (317)232-3678 or “Ask-A-Librarian” at http://www.in.gov/library/ask.htm.