New Genealogy Division Supervisor Stephanie Asberry

If you attended the Genealogy and Local History Fair or have stopped by the library in the past few months, you may have noticed Stephanie Asberry. Stephanie started at the Indiana State Library (ISL) this summer as the new genealogy division supervisor andStephanie_2_web has successfully acclimated herself into her new job. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie and have a conversation about her experiences so far at the library.

RB: You come to the ISL from the Tennessee State Library. Tell me about where you went to school, what you were doing in Tennessee, and how you came here…

SS: I did my undergrad at Ball State.

RB: Oh yeah? What year?

SS: Well, I graduated in 1992. I’m putting an age on myself right there [Chuckling] and then I went to Oregon State…I did my undergrad in political science and then I went to Oregon State and got a degree in History. Then I moved to Michigan and completed my Master of Library Science at Wayne State University. I graduated in 2004 from there. When I was at Ball State my family moved down to Nashville, so that was one of the first resumes I sent out when I was getting ready to graduate. Continue reading