Interview with Angela Downs

If you have ever called Jake Speer’s office at the Indiana State Library (ISL), then you have most likely spoken to Angela Downs. Angela is the administrative assistant for the Angela_Downs_Headshot_webdirector’s office on the fourth floor of the state library. She has been an employee at ISL for a long time and had a lot of interesting points of discussion during our conversation.

RB: Why did you try to trick me? [Laughing] You tried to say you wanted to do this interview yesterday, when you knew that we didn’t have to work.

AD: [Laughing] I thought it was funny just to play a little joke on you and I thought you would forget about it.

RB: So…you have been asking me when I was going to interview you and when it comes time, you try to trick me into not interviewing you…

AD: Yes, I did.

RB: Okay. I just wanted to get that on record.

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Meet ISL Director of Building Operations Scott Lambert

This week I had a conversation with Indiana State Library Director of Building Operations Scott Lambert, aka ‘Building Grunt’ as he affectionately puts it.Scott_Lambert_2_web Scott has been a fixture at the library since 2005 and always provides interesting conversation. If you are not familiar with Scott, this interview will give you a chance to get to know him a little more.

RB: How did you come to work at the Indiana State Library?

SL: Well…actually, I went to school and got an Associate’s Degree in Medical Billing. I did that for about a year and hated it. I couldn’t stand it ‘cause all you do is talk to mad people all the time. So, I decided to get out of that and I started here as a secretary in the Indiana Division. That was my first position here, and I worked that for about a year. Ron Rose was the supervisor of the CSD Division.

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Office Ladies of the Indiana State Library

Monica_Katrice_Martha Jane_1_final_webI recently had a conversation with Monica Lang, Katrice Anders-Jordan, and Martha Jane Ringel – better known as the women who work in the business office at the Indiana State Library. These ladies are a lot of fun. If you have not had the pleasure of talking with them, you should. On this particular meeting, the four of us were all wearing purple – not planned, pure coincidence.

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